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Peyton Rey Bridges


I didn't grow up on Tara, but I always wanted to be Scarlett O'Hara. Sure, she was a bitch who got what she had coming to her in the end, but she was also a fiery, independent, sexy woman who always went after what and who she wanted ... And she always got her prize.

I have been rooted in middle Tennessee and north Georgia (with a few dark years in Alabama) all my life. In the South it's all church bells and high moral standards that rule the day ... At least until no one's watching. So, I was always a "good girl" and followed suit. But, 5 years ago when I met Van, my very own Rhett Butler, I found the freedom to let my inner Scarlett shine, and boy has it been fun! Now we take on the world together, one cam show and movie at a time. So keep watching ladies and gents, y'all never know where we will be flying our freak flag next. 

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